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PaySec supports all industries looking to accept online payments. We work with companies in the travel, ecommerce, forex, binary and many other verticals. We understand that every business has its own requirements and work one-on-one with you to cater for them.

We know that ticket sizes differ greatly, the requirement for payouts and refunds has a big impact and that the nature of what you are selling will also influence your needs.

Forex (Graphic)


The Forex retail market is dynamic as hundreds of brokers compete for clients around the world. Binary options have proven to be a major element of financial trading.

PaySec appreciates the need for reliability, speed and security for big transactions in this market and have tailored our product accordingly.

Ecommerce (Graphic)


The logistics involved in fulfilling ecommerce orders has not held back the rapid growth in purchasing by Asian consumers looking to avail themselves of western goods.

There are a variety of drivers for cross-border commerce. Price is one, but brand aspiration also plays a big role, especially in a region were fake goods still proliferate and the desire for respected and trusted goods is high. That trust element also has a role to play in another key driver – quality.

Travel (Graphic)


The Asian travel market is rapidly becoming one of the biggest in the world. Outbound travel accounts for one-fifth of the global total having increased by over 65 per cent over the last decade, with China now accounting for 30% of the region’s travel. 65 per cent of the region’s travellers use the internet to book their trips.

Real Estate (Graphic)

Real Estate

Investment in global real estate by Asians continues to grow as people look to expand their property portfolios or have a more practical purpose such as migration or providing education opportunities for their families.

PaySec provides a discreet, secure payment gateway allowing Chinese investors to help settle their purchases. Developers utilising our solution can take advantage of the uncertainty in this market to maintain their levels of Chinese investment at the expense of those that do not offer a simplified money transfer system.