Real Estate

Real Estate

Investment in global real estate by Asians continues to grow as people look to expand their property portfolios or have a more practical purpose such as migration or providing education opportunities for their families.

In markets such as Australia, Chinese investors contributed in the region of AUD24 billion in 2013/14 property sales across Australia. AUD6 billion was invested by Chinese institutions in the purchase of development sites in the first six months of 2016.

Chinese investors are often faced with a quandary; they find it relatively easy to obtain finance within China with its relatively relaxed documentation requirements, but regulations make it difficult for them to transfer that money out of the country. Conversely they find it hard to obtain financing within their target territory where the regulations on money lending are more stringent.

PaySec solves this problem by providing a discreet, secure payment gateway allowing Chinese investors to help settle their purchases. Developers utilising our solution can take advantage of the uncertainty in this market to maintain their levels of Chinese investment at the expense of those that do not offer a simplified money transfer system.


Chinese buyers accounted for AUD8 billion in Australian apartment sales in 2013/14


More and more Asians are
looking to shop cross-border



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brokers compete for clients



Asian outbound travel accounts
for one-fifth of the global total