PaySec supports all industries looking to accept online payments. We work with companies in the travel, ecommerce, forex, binary and many other verticals. We understand that every business has its own requirements and work one-on-one with you to cater for them.

We know that ticket sizes differ greatly, the requirement for payouts and refunds has a big impact and that the nature of what you are selling will also influence your needs. And who you are selling to will affect which payment methods you need to offer. We understand the flexibility you need to provide.


PaySec’s API allows any website to integrate our solutions easily

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CNY Transaction
Making a CNY transaction with PaySec’s Payment Gateway

THB Transaction
Making a THB transaction with PaySec’s Payment Gateway


More and more Asians are
looking to shop cross-border



China is one of the world’s fastest
growing travel marketplaces


Real estate

Chinese overseas property
investment is significant